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"I think it's nice that there are all different kinds of lunches and breakfasts and dinners and snacks. I think eating is nice." – Albert from Bread and Jam for Frances, by Russell C. Hoban

Roasted Winter Squash and Red Pepper Soup

Orange soup. In Israel, it’s a given during the winter. Filling, tasty and easy on the pocket, winter squash works well in a variety of soups, from chunky versions with … Continue reading

January 30, 2013 · Leave a comment

Gingery Carrot Soup. For what ails you.

Winter colds and fevers need feeding – warming soups and broths, nourishing stews and casseroles, and countless cups of ginger tea. At least that’s what I think you need. I’m … Continue reading

January 21, 2013 · 4 Comments

Cabbage Saute – A nice side or main

It’s wintertime. That means lots of winter squashes and other roots – they’re affordable, store well and add a necessary starchy sweetness to so many dishes. Cabbage works well in … Continue reading

January 7, 2013 · Leave a comment

Sweet and Sour Tofu – Variation on a theme

Tofu, is so maligned but it’s such a perfect food. Goes so well with so many things, absorbs flavors of all sorts, easy protein that’s not been fiddled with like … Continue reading

January 4, 2013 · Leave a comment

Curried Split Pea Soup

One caveat. You need a big pot for this soup. I’m often amazed how people try to cook in small pots. What’s the point, really, and in particular when it … Continue reading

January 2, 2013 · Leave a comment

Quick Skillet Beans

Dinner. It rears it’s ugly head at some point during the day and colder temps mean people want and need warm meals. It’s not that hard, if you’re at home … Continue reading

December 30, 2012 · Leave a comment

Poor Man’s Curry, or the Fridge Door

“Cooking off your refrigerator door” is a common theme in my house. Don’t buy the food for the recipe, make the recipe according to what you have, probably doing a lot of … Continue reading

December 23, 2012 · Leave a comment

Surprisingly Easy Stovetop Chapati

I ran out of rice cakes the other day, but I wanted something to spread things on. So of course, my first thought was “Why don’t I make bread on … Continue reading

December 16, 2012 · Leave a comment

All-Star Vegan Rice Pudding

I was peering into the cabinet the other day while pondering breakfast ideas and I noticed I had a lot of rice. It took a minute for me to remember … Continue reading

December 13, 2012 · Leave a comment

Homemade Chocolate – Raw, Vegan and Easy

I like chocolate. Dark chocolate. Bitter, slightly spicy, rich with dusky overtones and intense flavor. 80% and up? My favorite kind. Given that I’ve been off refined sugars for sometime, … Continue reading

October 15, 2012 · 1 Comment

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